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10 easy tips to prep for your feet for Spring!

10 easy tips to prep for your feet for Spring!

Spring is here! 

And the best way to beat the last of these cold-weather blues is to freshen your feet and buy a new pair (or two) of shoes!

Here are our top tips to get your feet and shoes ready for the warmer season.

:: SOAK.
Soak your feet in a bath of warm water, Epsom salt and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Combine equal parts sugar and olive oil. Massage the mix into your feet and rinse with warm water.

:: BUFF.
Use a pumice stone to buff off winter calluses and rough spots. To maintain soft feet, quickly buff feet before you get in the shower every morning and use a wet washcloth to remove the dead skin.

:: TRIM.
Use a nail trimmer to cut your nails in a straight line and file the corners to get rid of any sharp edges.

:: PUSH.
Push back cuticles with your nail (or a cuticle pusher) to keep your nail beds healthy and primed for polish.

Moisturizing is a must-do. Slather on lotion every night (and if possible, keep your feet covered with socks for a few hours). Consider putting on lotion every morning if it doesn't make your feet too slippery! Soft, supple feet are always in season.

Top off your Spring-ready feet with some colorful polish. Do it yourself or, if you're like us, head to the nearest nail salon.

Feet change over time, so we suggest that you have your feet measured by a sales associate every season. It's best to go into a store to get measured before you buy online.

:: SHOP.
Shop. Shop. Shop! We love some of this Spring's shoe trends - woven design, geometric prints and bright color blocks.

Add Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles to your new Spring heels and wear them up to 4x longer without pain! These revolutionary insoles stop feet from slipping forward in heels and redistribute weight off the ball of the foot.

Whether it's a stunning pair of 2" heels or a show-stopping pair of 5" heels, put a little spring in your step with fresh feet and Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles!


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