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'Try Both' Bundle

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Not sure which of our amazing insoles to get? Why stress over which insole is best for you when you can test them both!

Purchase the 'Try Both' bundle now and save 24%!

• 1 Vivian Lou Insolia CLASSIC weight-shifting insole ($29 each).
• 1 Vivian Lou Insolia COUTURE weight-shifting insole ($49 each).

Just $59! Normally $78. Save 24%.

Classic weight-shifting insole.

Our Classic weight-shifting insoles started the weight-shifting phenomenon. They PREVENT forefoot pressure and correct body alignment so you can wear high heels 4x longer without pain. 

Couture weight-shifting insole.

Our Couture weight-shifting insoles are hands-down our MOST EFFECTIVE insole. They offer the same great benefits as Classic, but come in Left/Right for a more precise fit; shift 25% more weight off the forefoot; relieve pressure on the plantar fascia; match the irregular shape of the heel bone for immediate comfort; and promote natural big toe joint motion, among other benefits. 

You deserve this!

Our incredible insoles empower women to wear high heels 4x longer without pain, and there's no better way to support your feet, legs, knees, hips and back.

YOU deserve to feel fabulous every step you take. This is a perfect opportunity to find out what Vivian Lou can do for YOU!

Note: Vivian Lou Insolia® weight-shifting insoles are intended for use in shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist if you have any questions about your specific foot condition and whether Vivian Lou Insolia® weight-shifting insoles are right for you.

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