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Your 'go to' shoes to boost confidence.

Your 'go to' shoes to boost confidence.

We all have those days.

Maybe it’s cold and rainy.
Maybe you’re nervous about a client presentation
Or maybe you stayed up too late binge watching Scandal. 

Whatever the reason, some days we just need a little umph to get us going.

And there's no better way to lift our spirits, self-esteem or our bodies than with a pair of high heels.

When I need some help feeling my best, I turn to these top 5 go-to shoes.

Black leather pump.
This classic shoe can be worn at any time with any outfit. As with any high heel, the minute you put it on, you just feel a bit more confident. A smidge more courageous. An ounce more fearless. I sometimes let the powerful simplicity of this shoe speak for itself; other times, I dress it up with vintage shoe clips.

Dark colored patent leather pump. (black, brown, burgundy, tortoise shell)
This shoe can be paired with jeans, a dress or a power suit. With a glossy finish, this shoe always adds a little shine to the day.

Nude pump.
This must-have isn’t defined by a season and goes with practically everything. One of the best things about the nude pump is that they elongate your legs. It’s a great way to feel bold without being too flashy.

A statement heel.
Speaking of flashy, sometimes you just need to put on a shoe that just screams YES I CAN! If you aren’t feeling it in your heart or head, start with your feet. Two simple ways to wow is with a bright, vibrant color or a stunning silhouette or cut (think low cut vamp to elongate foot) — or both!

The YOU shoe.
Whether it’s the color, the design, or the detail, this shoe makes you feel like YOU.  You like how it looks. You like how it feels. It just may be the shoe to get you through. For me, it’s any shoe that has a bow or polka dots. Put those two together, and I’m bound to have a great day!


Do you have a go-to shoe to boost your confidence? 

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