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'Twas the Night Before the Holiday Party

'Twas the Night Before the Holiday Party

‘Twas the night before the Holiday party, and I can hardly wait.
With colleagues and friends, I have much to celebrate.

My dress is hung in the closet with care,
I know just how I’ll do my makeup and hair.

I am nestled all warm and snug in my bed,
But visions of high heel pain keep running through my head.

What if I can’t make it through the night?
What if I can’t walk without grimacing? Oh what a sight!

Away to the computer I flew like a flash,
to Google the perfect product for this Holiday bash.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But Vivian Lou Insolia Insoles for High Heels.

With a promise of straighter posture, better balance and less pain,
I was so happy to find them! This calls for champagne!

Developed by a podiatrist and sized for a perfect fit,
Vivian Lou Insolia insoles worked wonderfully! They were a hit. 

Now I want them in all of my high heels! 
The black ones, the nude ones, the red and the teal.

I want them…

On Christian! On Jimmy! Now Manolo and Giuseppe!
On Stewart! On Gucci! On Brian and Badgley!

With Vivian Lou Insolia insoles now in all my shoes,
I wear stilettos every day - no aches, no pain, no high heel blues.

Here's to straighter posture, better balance and less pain this Holiday (and every day)! 

Happy shoeing!

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