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A simple foot massage

A simple foot massage

Whether you wear heels every day, just on the weekends, or only for special occasions, a great way to treat your feet after a day or night in heels is with a simple foot massage. 

A foot massage can increase circulation, reduce swelling, promote muscle recovery, and improve flexibility and range of motion.

We've put together a quick 10-step guide on how to give yourself a simple, yet superb foot massage.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Soak.
Soak your feet in a warm bath for a few minutes to clean and soften the skin. If a bath is not an option, skip this step.

Step 2: Get comfy.
Sit in a comfortable chair and prop your right foot up on your left knee. You should be able to see the bottom of your foot in this position.

Step 3: Moisturize.
Grab your favorite lotion and rub it into your right foot. To make it more spa-like, consider adding a few drops of our Après High Heels Healing Liniment to your lotion. Some of our favorite ingredients in our liniment include lobelia (anti-inflammatory and helps relieve muscle pain and spasms), frankincense (effective for muscle and joint pain relief), and peppermint (cooling and refreshing).

Step 4: Make circles.
Loosely wrap both hands around your right foot (thumbs will be on the bottom of your foot and fingers on the top). Holding your foot firmly, make circular motions with your thumbs. Start at the heel and work your way up through the arch and ball of the foot to your toes.

Step 5: Draw lines.
Use your thumbs to draw vertical lines (with long, deep strokes) on the bottom of your right foot. Start at the heel and draw lines up through the arch and ball of the foot and down again to the heel. If you feel soreness in a particular area, spend a few extra seconds massaging that spot to soften it up.

Step 6: Spread 'em.
Your toes, that is. Weave the fingers of your left hand through the toes of your right foot to separate them. Spread your toes wide. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step 7: Pamper the piggies.
Starting with the big toe, massage the bottom of the toe in small circular motions. Move from the base of the toe to the top. Repeat on the other toes. Gently massage the area in between each toe. Once you've massaged all of your toes, give each one a gentle tug to loosen the joint.

Step 8: Go wide.
Wrap both hands around your right foot, placing your thumbs on the bottom of your foot again. Move your thumbs from the center of the foot out to the sides, starting at the heel and working your way up to the toes. This one feels great!

Step 9: Do the twist.
Holding your right foot firmly with your left hand, carefully rotate the foot at the ankle – first to the right and then to the left. Then gently twist your foot in a circular motion to loosen up the ankle. Rotate your foot in the other direction.

Step 10: Repeat.
Repeat with the left foot.

With this simple 10-step massage, your tootsies will feel like a million bucks in no time!

Here’s to happy, healthy feet and wearing the shoes we love 4x longer without pain!

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