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Bottom to top.

Bottom to top.

Legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg recently revealed toFootwear News...

"When I get dressed, I start with my shoes and build from there. Shoes give you strength and confidence. They punctuate a woman’s look, giving her the attitude she wants to project.”

I completely agree.

The right pair of shoes can give a lady strength, confidence, and attitude.

But Diane's statement got me thinking.

How do I get dressed every day?

Do I select my outfit from bottom to top? Or top to bottom?

As much as I LOVE my low, midi and high heels, I'm embarrassed to admit that this shoe lover selects her outfit FIRST and then the shoes. 


Could I really think about shoes last?

Maybe it's because I have more trouble putting together an outfit than I do selecting shoes to match?

Maybe it's because I have more pairs of shoes than I do pairs of pants?

Maybe it's because I get more excited about shoes than I do skirts, shirts or jewelry?

Either way, I think about my shoes last.

But the one thing I never think about is foot pain.

And neither should you. 

Thanks toVivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting Insoles for Heels, you can wear the shoes you love (whether you think of them first or last) 4x longer without pain. Ideal for any style and type of shoe with a 1 inch heel rise or higher.

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