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Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one, who after trying on thousands and thousands of shoes, STILL has trouble putting heels back into the box the right away?

Embarrassing! I know.

I can just imagine what others think when they see me fumbling to put away a pair of shoes I’ve just tried on.

“Oh look! She’s buying her first pair of big girl shoes and doesn’t know how to put them away.”
“That poor lady. She must be horrible at puzzles.”
“Is she drunk?”

Let’s be honest. Putting high heels back into a box REALLY isn’t that hard.

1. Place box on the floor.

2. Turn the box horizontally so the longest edges are at the top and bottom.

3. Take one shoe and align the heel along one side of the box. The heel could align on the right side of the box or the left side of the box depending on how you are holding the shoe. Pick whichever side makes the most sense. It really doesn’t matter.

4. Take the other shoe; turn it upside down and align the heel with the other side of the box. (The upside down shoe will only fit in one way so you really cannot screw this up – unless you are me! Ha ha!)


Tip: If the box is square, skip step 2. Just align the heel on any side.

Note: Sometimes a manufacturer completely confuses me by making a box where the heel aligns with the longest edge of the box! In these cases, ask for help or simply arrange the shoes in the box as best as you can and put back on shelf or leave on the floor! Someone less spatially-challenged will figure it out! Ha ha!

Now if only I can remember four simple instructions the next time I’m in DSW. I’ll be able to spend less time putting shoes away and more time finding ones to buy! Ha ha!

Happy Shoeing!

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