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The right to choose high heels.

right to choose high heels

It's been quite a few weeks for high heels.

First, there is the UK where almost 150,000 people petitioned the government calling for a ban on an employer's right to require women to wear heels in the workplace.

And then there is Japan where a popular national campaign encourages women to wear high heels as a way to boost their confidence in society.

Now I am a huge proponent of high heels.

I truly believe the right pair of high heels can change a woman's life...because they did mine.

But I also believe in the right to choose your shoes.

[Read more about what I believe here.]

I don't believe in employers requiring specific footwear.

I don't believe in women feeling pressured to wear high heels as a way to keep their jobs or advance in their careers.

And I don't believe in national campaigns promoting high heels as a way for women to empower themselves.

Sure, wearing high heels makes me feel more empowered. More confident. More courageous.

But wearing high heels should always be a choice.

And no employer or government should influence that choice. 

Here's to the right to choose your shoes!

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July 10, 2016

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