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COUTURE Weight-Shifting Insoles for High Heels

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**If you are new to our insoles, we always recommend starting with the Classic weight-shifting insoles or the Try Both Bundle so you can try both the Classic and the Couture at a discounted price.

Here's why. Our amazing Couture insoles offer a  metatarsal pad for additional support. It's great for most, but for some, this pad can cause discomfort. Please start with the Classic or Try Both Bundle. Cheers!**

Adhere our COUTURE weight-shifting insole to your high heels and experience long-lasting comfort in high heels

Unlike other products, our weight-shifting insoles do not cushion, pad or gel forefoot pressure - our insoles PREVENT forefoot pressure.

Designed by a world-renowned podiatrist and a rocket scientist, this is our most scientifically-superior insole...and unlike anything you've tried before.

If you want to prevent high heel pain and experience long-term comfort, Vivian Lou COUTURE weight-shifting insoles are the obvious choice.

  • RISK FREE with our 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 1 pair of permanent placement insoles.
  • For all styles and types of shoes with a 2 inch heel or higher.
  • Awarded American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

Pamper your feet in Couture.

Backed by years of research, our COUTURE weight-shifting stops high heel suffering so you can wear high heels 4x longer without pain starting DAY ONE!

Next generation insole.

Our next-generation COUTURE weight-shifting insole comes in Left/Right for a more precise fit and:

✔️ Shifts 50% of a women’s body pressure off the forefoot.
✔️ Stops feet from slipping forward in the shoe.
✔️ Provides impeccable support for the toes.
✔️ Relieves pressure on the plantar fascia.
✔️ Significantly reduces strain on back, hips and knees.
✔️ Matches the irregular shape of the heel bone providing immediate comfort. 
✔️ Promotes natural big toe joint motion despite the foot’s position in a high heel.
✔️ Moves the body’s center of pressure over the middle of foot for improved balance and even straighter posture.

Couture weight-shifting insoles keep you moving.

Our insoles provide immediate relief in one powerful punch and are perfectly engineered to keep you moving so you can focus more on your dreams and less on your feet. 

100% guaranteed.

If after trying our COUTURE insoles, you’re not 100% satisfied, return them for money-back guarantee.

A portion of every sale helps disadvantaged women revitalize their confidence and reclaim their independence. 

Easy to install Couture insoles.

Note: Vivian Lou Insolia® COUTURE weight-shifting insoles are intended for use in shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist if you have any questions about your specific foot condition and whether Vivian Lou Insolia® COUTURE Insoles are right for you.


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