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A revolution in design and comfort.


Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, our slim, discreet and permanent placement insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back allowing for an equal distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel.

They also stop the feet from slipping forward into the shoe.

The smarter way to wear high heels.

In a standard 3 inch heel, 75% of a woman’s body pressure is on her forefoot.

The red, orange, and yellow spots – that’s where we feel the pain, the burn, the pressure (foot on left, below).

With our CLASSIC weight-shifting insoles, there is an incredible shift of pressure and weight off the forefoot (foot on right, below.)

This is the same woman, same shoe, same foot – but with our CLASSIC insoles inserted into her shoe. 

An insole for every woman.

With expert engineering and unparalleled design, our CLASSIC insoles empower women to wear high heels 4x longer without pain.

Our COUTURE insoles offer the same great benefits with enhanced comfort and balance technology and truly out-perform all other high heel insoles.

The COUTURE insole:

✔️Shifts 10% more weight off the forefoot.

✔️Aligns the body's center of pressure between the 1st and 2nd toes (for better balance and ankle support).

✔️Significantly reduces heel pressure (for fewer 'hot spots' on the heel).

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