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Harness the power of high heels.

Without the hurt.

Every woman who has ever worn a pair of high heels has experienced it at one point in her life.

Sometimes it starts slow and gradually builds.

Other times it is sets in without warning.

It’s the kind of pain that takes your breath away; commands the attention of every cell in your body; and consumes your every thought.

That bone-crushing pressure on the ball of your foot.

The blood forcefully pumping through your hot, swollen toes.

Your feet scream at you to stop.

You curse every step.

You hope no one can see the excruciating pain behind your fake smile.

And you pray that you’ll make it home before you surrender shamefully admitting defeat and kicking off your shoes.

But there IS a way to harness the power of high heels without the hurt.

Introducing Vivian Lou Insolia® weight-shifting insoles.

The only insoles for high heels that are scientifically-proven to stop high heel pain.

Finally! High heels without the hurt.

Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist,  Vivian Lou Insolia® Classic and Couture weight-shifting insoles are a revolution in design and comfort. 

Slim, discreet and invisible in the shoe, our insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back allowing for a more equal distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel.

This shift in weight:

✔️ Prevents that excruciating burning sensation in your toes and on the ball of your foot.

✔️Stops feet from slipping forward into the shoe.

✔️Improves ankle stability.

✔️Straightens posture.

✔️Significantly reduces strain on knees, back, hips and legs.

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