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How to Install Vivian Lou Insolia® Classic Weight-Shifting Insoles


Step 1: Select Your Size

Step 1: Select Your Size

Our insoles are not one size fits all...because feet aren't either. Unlike other insoles and inserts, you don't have to trim or replace them.

Step 2: Find Tab

Step 2: Find the Tab

Start with clean, dry and lotion-free shoes. Select an insole. There is no difference between the left and right. Find the plastic tab of the backing liner. This is what you'll use to peel off the backing when the time comes. 

Step 2: Fold Back Tab

Step 3: Fold Back the Liner

Fold back the liner from the rounded end of the insole to expose just enough adhesive to hold the insole in place while you test positions. Fold down to the middle of the logo as shown in the drawing.

Step 3: Ready to Test

Step 4: Ready to Install

When the adhesive liner looks like the drawing, you are ready to install your insoles.

Step 4: Skinny Side Points Down Into ShoeStep 5: Place the Inner Sole

Center the wider side of the insole about 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) from the back of the shoe with the flat sticky side down. If your shoes are styled with a narrow arch, (see the shoe on the right), you may need to point the insole slightly toward the big toe side of the shoe.

Step 5: Correct Placement

Step 6: Repeat + Try on BOTH Shoes

Repeat in your other shoe. Try on both shoes. It's important to try on both shoes at the same time to determine correct placement.

Step 6: Adjust

Step 7: Adjust if Necessary

If you feel a bump under your heel, move the insole very slightly toward your toe. If you feel a bump under your arch, move the insole very slightly toward your heel. You can also adjust side to side if necessary. Don't worry if the left and right insole differ in position. Positioning will vary by person, by foot and by shoe.

Step 7: Adhere

Step 8: Adhere and Enjoy!

Once the insoles are comfortably positioned, press the already adhered end down with one hand and remove the remaining adhesive liner with the other hand. Press down firmly. Enjoy!

Vivian Lou Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles should not be moved from shoe to shoe. Our insoles provide a permanent fix once they are properly installed. Part of this is thanks to the strength of the adhesive. Because the success of our insoles is proper placement, we use a strong adhesive to ensure that they won't slip out of place. Once they're installed, trying to remove them and install them in another shoe will weaken the adhesive and make them more likely to slip.

Vivian Lou Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles may not adhere to all shoe surfaces. Removing adhered insoles from your shoes may cause damage.

Important: Vivian Lou Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles are intended for use in high-heeled shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist if you have any questions about your specific foot condition and whether Vivian Lou Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles are right for you.
Vivian Lou Insolia® weight-shifting insoles have proudly earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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