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Classic or Couture?

New to our insoles? Perhaps start with our  Classic weight-shifting insoles. These award-winning insoles are the first step toward looking and feeling your best in high heels.
If you're looking for an insole that shifts 10% more weight off the forefoot and offers the best in balance and comfort technology, you deserve the  Couture weight-shifting insoles.

Instant shift and lasting relief.

After applying our insoles in your high heels, you will feel an immediate shift of weight to the heel.

This shift will result in one of two reactions.

✔️You may either experience an instantaneous relief of pressure off of the forefoot, or

✔️You may experience a more subtle adjustment, but will now wear your heels up to 4x longer without pain.

Classic (left) and Couture (right) weight-shifting insoles.

How our insoles are different.

✔️Expert engineering. ✔️Invisible in the shoe. ✔️Incredibly thin so there is no crowding of the toes and feet. ✔️Available in 4 different sizes and accommodates shoe sizes US 4 to 12. ✔️Permanent placement. ✔️Good for knees, hips, and backs, too.

For all your shoes.

Our insoles pair perfectly with any style and type of shoe with 2-inch heel or higher!

✔️Stilettos ✔️Wedges ✔️Kitten Heels ✔️Boots ✔️Espadrilles ✔️Sandals ✔️Peep toe ✔️Open toe ✔️Open back ✔️Ankle boots ✔️And more!


You deserve the best.

✔️Slim, discreet and invisible.
✔️Doesn't crowd your foot in the shoe.
✔️Precise sizing from US 4 to US 12.
✔️Permanently adheres to the shoe.
✔️100% money back guarantee.

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