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Vivian Lou Manifesto

We love all things shoes. The color red (as in wine, coats, shoes, wallets + jewels). And chocolate.

We believe in helping those less fortunate. In encouraging others to accomplish their dreams. And in women promoting + supporting other women. 

We laugh a bit too loud. Dance without a care. And sing horribly out of tune.

We use words like Awesome. Amazing. And Great. 

We admire women who have the strength to believe in themselves. The guts to take a stand. And the courage to share their brilliance.

We love bows. Polka dots. And nautical prints.

We crave long hugs from good friends. The smell of fresh-cut grass. And heart-print pajama pants.

We cheer for women who have found their niche. Broken through the glass ceiling. And silenced self doubt.

We make pancakes for dinner. Adore letterpress notecards. And lose ourselves in Audrey Hepburn + Barbra Streisand films.

We dream of white sandy beaches. Italian villas. And breath-taking mountain tops.

We believe a great pair of shoes can change your Perspective. On. Everything.

Here’s to looking + feeling better in shoes so you can focus more on your dreams and less on your feet.

Curious why the company is named Vivian Lou? Click below to learn why.

Look + feel better in the shoes you love.

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