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Look + feel amazing in your high heels this New Year's Eve.

The party has been planned for months. You have the perfect outfit. A handsome date. And the most amazing pair of shoes. 

Make sure your feet + high heels are New Year’s Eve ready! Here's how to prevent pain on the big night.

7 Days Before NYE:

Exercise. Your foot has more than 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles and the best way to prevent pain is to strengthen + stretch your feet and toes. Review our top 5 simple exercises to prevent foot pain.

Adhere Vivian Lou Insolia® Inner Soles for High Heels in your shoes. Designed by a New Hampshire podiatrist + engineered by an MIT-trained rocket scientist, Vivian Lou inner soles subtly adjust the pitch + position of the foot in high heels to prevent feet from slipping forward + shift weight from the ball of the foot to the heel. Our discrete, revolutionary high heel inserts have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association and celebrated by women who benefit from less pain, better balance + straighter posture. BUY NOW.

Wear heels around the house. Identify any problem areas. Too loose? Consider a heel cushion. Rubbing? Add moleskin to inside of shoes to prevent blisters or use a nail file to file down any rough edges and coat inside with a thin layer of Vaseline. Too tight? Freeze bags of ice in the toe box to stretch out; wear heels with thick wool socks + blow-dry heels for 20 minutes or take them to be professionally stretched. Too slippery? Use sandpaper to ‘rough up’ the soles.

2 Days Before NYE:

Get a pedicure. Make sure to cut toenails short and have any calluses addressed so your feet are in good health before the big night.

Prepare an emergency kit. Buy moleskin, medical tape + clear deodorant. Pre-cut a circle in pieces of moleskin. See tips below.

At the Party: Emergency Tips
If pain does set in, here are some emergency tips: 
* Shift weight. Consciously shift body weight (without falling) to your heels or to the outside of the foot (if able) to relieve pressure.
* Tape the third + fourth toe together. Most foot pain is caused by swelling of nerves as a result of a compression and most often occurs between the third + fourth toes. Tape toes together to reduce swelling + alleviate pain.
* Apply clear deodorant on the shoe where it rubs (do this BEFORE you get blisters otherwise it will sting!).
* If blisters appear, tape a pre-cut piece of moleskin to your foot. Position the blister in the 'hole' so it doesn't continue to rub.

New Year’s Day:

Soak your feet. As soon as possible, place your feet in ice cold water and stretch out your toes. Use your hands to manually stretch toes if necessary.

Relax. Slip into some comfy slippers + put on some classic movies.

Here’s looking + feeling great in high heels this New Year’s Eve!



Look + feel better in high heels on New Year's Eve.

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