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Vivian Lou Weight-Shifting Insolia Inner Soles for High Heels

Join the thousands of women who now wear high heels without hurt thanks to Vivian Lou Insolia® Weight-Shifting insoles.

Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN

Rebecca Budig, Actress

"I am so happy to find a product that actually does what it says, especially when it's for something complicated, like feet. I also wish I knew about Insolia High Heel Inserts sooner. I would have saved a lot of money not buying those other bogus products that don't do what they claim at all. 

I've had all sorts of foot problems! From me being flat-footed to the balls of my feet that used to ALWAYS give me grief when wearing heels. I mean, if someone told me about an upcoming party, the first thing I would think of would be "Man, my feet are going to hurt all night" whereas other women think of what they're going to wear first. 

On New Year's Eve, I put my first pair of Insolia Inserts into some 3 inch peep toe pumps, and I actually walked around for hours at a party not worrying about my feet at all (that's a first!). I am simply amazed. I plan to buy Insolia Inserts for all of my favorite shoes as well. I absolutely could not be happier, really!
Thank you."

"Insolia Inserts worked like a charm. I went to back-to-back parties yesterday in my highest heels and was still smiling and walking at the end of the day! It's a miracle. My ankle didn't hurt, my feet didn't get sore, and - amazingly - I kept my shoes on for more than an hour after I got home. I even tried out my friend's new treadmill in high heels! With instructions for proper installation, it should not be long before I join the ranks of the Insolia Sisterhood as they set out to rule the world."
Thank you, thank you!! 

"Being 5' 1", high heels are a must for me but with the feet problems I have it is often too painful to bear. I still don't fully understand how such a small piece of plastic/rubber can make such a profound difference. I am singing the praises of Insolia insoles to anyone and everyone that will listen. I bought my first pair to put into a gorgeous pair of 4" sling backs, which were unbearable to wear unless I was sitting. Now I can go a full 9 hour day without pain in my feet or legs. I am planning on putting Insolia Inserts in all of my heels and boots."


"Like many other women I wear high heels on a regular basis, and on a trip to Atlanta, I went out with some friends in one of my favorite pairs of 4 in heels and by the end of the night, my feet were in so much pain that I took off my shoes and walked to the hotel barefoot. Once I got home, I went online and began to search for something to ease the pain and discomfort of wearing high heels. I am the type that will give a product at least one try, and if I don't like them, I will return the item. I took time and read all the research and information that was available on the website and compared it to other websites that offered similar products and decided to purchase the Insolia insoles. Once I received my Insolia insoles, I was so excited to try them in my favorite of shoes from the Atlanta trip. They felt totally different. I was able to wear them all day and night. My feet felt so good. I was sold. I have been singing the praises of Insolia Inserts for over a year and a half to all my friends, and I will continue to wear and purchase Insolia Inserts. Thanks for making my feet and me happy.

"They REALLY WORK! I have terrible feet and shoes/heels KILL me. I recently put a pair of Insolia Inserts into a pair of boots expecting that I would be walking on the sides of my feet before the evening was over. To my absolute amazement I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF MY FEET the entire evening! They're unbelievable!!! I'm singing Insolia Insert's praises to all my girlfriends." 

"My physical therapist introduced me to Insolia. I have tried many products for high heels and these are the first ones that really work. I can't believe what a difference they have made for my feet. I have slowly been purchasing them for each pair of heels." 

"My only regret is that I didn't buy any sooner!!! These are a God-send! I absolutely love wearing heels but my feet always shifted forward....by the end of the day my toes would be soooo sore! I've tried things for the ball of the feet and they help, but not like Insolia insoles. I've got all my co-workers hooked! We all have a bit of a shoe addiction so now we can totally enjoy all of our cute shoes! Thanks so much for you great invention. Women out there are rejoicing right now!

"I tried Insolia Inserts with my tapdance shoes and love them. I need more for my other shoes. I'm 69 years old and now I have finally found something that works. Thanks." 

I am a woman "of a certain age" and had to give up wearing very high heels and even limit lower heels to a couple of hours a day until I discovered your products. They are as revolutionary as everyone says. 

I have put them in all my shoes and recently spent up to 12 hours a day walking around Paris in heels in total comfort.

Huge thanks."
Bangkok Globetrotter

"Oh my goodness!! I just purchased Insolia for my 4 inch boots. I have never been so immediately pleased with a foot product in my entire 52 years of life! Thank you for this product. I have large feet with bunions and I have lower back pain from a slightly herniated disk. I was seriously considering surgery because I can stand no longer than 15 minutes. However, with the Insolia, I stood most of the time at a basketball game in my 4-inch heel boots!!! Amazing!!! I am sold on your product. Thank you for this product...I can wear my sexy shoes and boots again...and avoid a costly and dangerous surgery. Insolia inserts are a God send!!" 

"I recently bartended a holiday event wearing my favorite Manolo Blahnik 4 heels with Insolia. I was on my feet and moving for 4 hours, and I am absolutely positive that I could not have done it without Insolia. I am a total convert now, and use them in any heels I plan to stand in for more than a few hours. They really do help immensely! I wish all heels were designed with them. Thank you." 

"I wore Insolia Inserts in my heels to a Christmas party. Insolia Inserts were absolutely great! I danced until 12:30 am and never once wanted to take off my shoes. I definitely walked better in my heels than I feel I do without them. I didn't feel like I was walking around on my tippy toes all evening! That was a huge relief!I don't wear heels often, but I love to and the Insolia Inserts make the experience, much, much more comfortable!! Thanks!" 

"I hardly ever used to wear high heels, they just hurt too much. When I persisted for beauty's sake years ago, they gave me bunions! Now every single pair of my high heels gets used, because I insist having Insolia in all of them. What I like most, apart from making heels comfortable regardless of bunions, is the way I can stand tall and straight and elegant in my heels. I used to hunch over with my bum out to try to keep balanced, not a very sexy look. Now I can walk and you can see the line of the shoe lengthening the leg and looking glamorous, which is the point of heels anyway." 

“Every single pair of dress shoes I own were hurting my feet so badly that by mid-day I was hobbling - every single day at work. I decided to try Insolia. It made sense to me - the idea of re-positioning the center of pressure. After all, I'd already tried cushioning, lower heels, closed-toed shoes, open-toed shoes -- you name, I tried it. And they said it was scientifically designed. So I bought ONE package to give it a try.

I tried it out on the shoes that I love the most, but that cause me the most pain. You must understand that I had STOPPED wearing this pair of dress shoes because the pain was so excruciating.
OH MY GO#@! IMMEDIATE RELIEF! I was very very VERY skeptical. I was sure the pain would return before the end of the first day. It didn't. In fact, these shoes are so comfortable now that THEY ARE THE ONLY SHOES I WILL WEAR! I even walk to lunch with friends -- two full blocks each way, on the hard pavement, and NO PAIN!

"I heard about Insolia Inserts from a friend. I LOVE THEM! They make such a difference!

"I received my Insolia and so far I am very impressed and I am placing a second order. I was at first skeptical of the inserts, as they were so small/delicate, but once in place - I felt the difference. I am an emergency veterinarian in Las Vegas and usually have on running shoes, but LOVE to wear fabulous heels out to the Strip for fabulous dinners and nightlife. Thus, my paws are not so trained for the stress of high heels. However, as with all women - I love the way they look and carry me through the casino floor. I am a Donald J Pliner fan for years and usually his shoes need no augmentation, but once I added the inserts, they were even more comfortable. I appreciate your efforts and pushing through all those difficult moments of 'starting something new' to bring us this product." 

"I wore Insolia Inserts for the first time at my daughter's wedding with NEW thong sandals. My feet were comfortable, so comfortable that I forgot I had on new shoes! I have recommended your product to lots of my friends. Thank you!" 

"The Insolia insoles are awesome! I have a pair of five-and-a-half inch stiletto heels that look gorgeous, but make me walk like Bambi on the ice.

I tried Insolia, and now I can actually *walk* in them! Positioning the Insolia Inserts was easy as well, it took a few minor adjustments, nothing more. I could last maybe 15 minutes without the the Insolia Inserts... my weight would, of course, be forward because the heels are so high! Which would scrunch my toes and put a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet, and I'd walk very tentatively. With the the Insolia Inserts, the weight and pressure shift helps a lot, the walking is a lot easier. These insoles don't turn killer heels into fuzzy bunny slippers, but Insolia make them a lot easier to deal with. Thank you, thank you!"

"I've had my heels with my new Insolia on for several hours and my feet actually feel GOOD!!! The only thing I don't like about your product is that it wasn't invented 25 years ago... to think of all the foot pain I would have been spared! I am budgeting for purchasing one pair a week until I have all of my heels Insolia-ized!!! Thank you from the bottom of my feet... THANK YOU!" 

"I used the Insolia inserts yesterday for the first time, and I LOVE them! I am only 43 years old but I had to have a double bunionectomy about three years ago, and since then I struggle to find shoes that not only feel good but look good too. That is not an easy thing to do, trust me! I have some really stylish shoes that have fairly high heels that I love to wear but my feet can only tolerate them for about 2 hours without my having to take them off. I wore these shoes yesterday, with the Insolia inserts, and I was able to wear them ALL day long; spent almost 11 hours in them. I kept waiting for my feet to hurt and it NEVER happened. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about finding these inserts. I have told all of my friends about them and since I purchased three pairs I will be putting them in my other shoes as well. You have a loyal fan in North Carolina." 

"What a great product. I am 57 (and of course look much younger) and have always loved wearing high heels. My feet have started to hurt recently in my heels so I was considering buying custom inserts for about $300. Thank goodness that I read about Insolia insoles. They are amazing. I am in my heels for hours on end, and I feel great. NEVER STOP MAKING THEM!!!! Thank you." 

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Insolia Inserts have saved me from giving away or getting rid of shoes I loved, but could no longer wear with any comfort. These little inserts are absolutely amazing! I am thrilled to wear my fancy ballroom dance shoes, dressy open-toe shoes, and in general my 'high heels' once again. I told all the ladies in my office about them, and any other ladies I hear complain about their uncomfortable shoes. I now have Insolia insoles in four pair of shoes and I'm going for a few more pairs. Superb!" 

I belong to an all women's a cappella singing group, and WE WEAR THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE DANCE SHOES FOR MOST OF OUR PERFORMANCES. You see, this group does not only sing, but we do choreography. I hate to admit this but some of us are walking and dancing on older feet! Our chapter consists of over forty members at present and the ages range from twenty to, well, let's just leave it at into our sixties! That is a lot of hurting feet from uncomfortable shoes!
I tried a pair of INSOLIA INSERTS and simply stated--THEY WORK!! Most of us have tried 'gellin' and Dr. Scholls is no stranger to us. Thank you again for your product! I am sure you will make many feet and their owners very happy. Thanks again," 

"I actually didn't own a single pair of killer high heels - so I went out and bought one for the first time in decades. (Yes, I am that old!!) What fun to own a pair of over-the-top silver pumps - and your Insolia Inserts work great in them!!" 

"I'm stylish again! Nothing says "she's slowing down" like evening wear worn with sensible shoes! I am a musician who must often perform standing for high profile events. Ever since I was struck by a car a few years ago, the only shoes I could wear had low heels (and not a lot of style). I spent a small fortune trying to find low heeled shoes that looked good with evening gowns but always felt frumpy.

In five minutes, Insolia Inserts changed all this. I slipped them into a pair of 3" pumps that I hadn't worn in years. They were even more comfortable than before the car accident! Into another old pair went more Insolia Inserts and again I felt more comfortable than ever before.

Then came the real test: would Insolia Inserts work in new shoes that hadn't been broken in? This time the Insolia Inserts took a bit more adjusting, but the results were amazing. I could play my violin standing on a hardwood floor for over an hour in comfort.
Thank you, Insolia." 
Su B.

"I love Insolia Inserts!!!! They make me want to wear my new Christian Louboutins all day, every day. 
:-) EW

"I have put Insolia Inserts in all of my shoes. What a difference they have made. At our son's wedding, in December, I wore very high heels for over eight hours. We danced all evening, and I was one of the few women still wearing shoes! I tell everyone about Insolia Inserts. Thank you!" 

"I just had to write and tell you thanks for making such an awesome product! I bought a fabulous pair of 4 inch heels to wear to several parties this year. After the first time of wearing them, I was in pain after only 15 minutes. I ended up sitting down the entire night, grimacing if I had to hobble to the bar!

I was worried about wearing the shoes to the next event, which was held in a building with concrete floors! I ordered a pair of your insoles - which arrived the day before the party. I am extremely happy to say that I danced ALL NIGHT long with out ANY pain! I wore the shoes home and even brushed my teeth with my shoes still on! I was in complete disbelief that these were the same shoes! I have recommended your product to every woman I know and will be buying several more pairs! Thank you!" 

"THANK YOU for making such a wonderful insert. I have very wide feet and wear shoes up to quadruple-wide (that's 7.5WWWW). I also have bunions, and wear custom made orthotics. I thought that I would never be able to wear nice heels and was doomed to "orthopedic" clown shoes for the rest of my life.

I just got a pair of Insolia insoles - and I am 100% comfortable. I don't feel any pain, walk easier and feel very stable in heels. I love them and have recommended them to every woman I know. I've also bought a pair for every shoe I own - and now my shoe collection includes many nice heeled shoes that I can wear to work and on special occasions!

Many, many thanks for taking care of my health with such a wonderful product!" 

"I ordered 3 pair last year and absolutely love them. I put a pair in higher heel shoes than I normally wear and was able to stand and walk around much longer at my husband's high school reunion. I've recommended Insolia to some of my friends." 

"I love your product and have been mentioning it to my friends! It's funny, because the effects are subtle, but so helpful! I don't notice an immediate feeling of cushioning or space, but when I am wearing them, and especially after I take the shoes off, my feet are lacking in that feeling that had come to be habitual--PAIN. Thank you so much! One Very Satisfied Customer" 

"I bought a pair of Insolia insoles and put them in my 2 1/2 inch boots, and I wore those boots from 8 am all the way to the Christmas party that ended 9 pm that night. They're great." 

"Thanks to the bottoms of my previously sore feet for this wonderful product! For years, I knew that the only real way to end high-heel pain was to reduce the pressure on the ball of the foot. The only way to do that, however, was to wear either flats or low heels. Knowing that it wasn't possible to have my cake and eat it too, I grinned and bore it every time I wore a pair of heels.

Recently I purchased a beautiful pair of boots with a sturdy wedge heel...that's also four inches high! Being the fashion victim that I am, I wore them anyway. By the end of the night, I had vowed that this was the last straw, and I ordered your product right away. These boots are now so comfortable I could walk to China in them!! I can't thank you enough." 

"I used a pair of Insolia insoles for the first time this week in a sexy pair of boots with a 3-inch stiletto heel. Prior to using the insoles, I had only been able to walk down one block without feeling pain. With Insolia Inserts, I was able to walk comfortably all evening, from home, to the subway, to the restaurant, to the bar and back home again. All in all, probably about 45 minutes to an hour of walking, and I was fine!
Thank you so much for a wonderful product! In a small way, you are contributing to the happiness of humankind! Women can look and feel sexy in their high heels and bystanders can admire them.
No need to suffer to be beautiful now..." 

"My friend gave me a pair for my wedding shoes...and now I put them in every heel I have! It's time to have more around..." 

"I heard about Insolia insoles from a friend who wore them in a pair of high heels that were ordinarily painful -- she danced all night in them!

"They really work! I'm buying another pair for me and giving one to a friend. This will make a great stocking stuffer... that is if I can hold off giving it her until December. (I doubt it - they are too fantastic to keep secret.)" 

"This is my second order. They do work! Thanks so much for inventing this product." 

"I bought Insolia insoles and used them for the first time in a pair of brand new 3 inch strappy heels which I wore to a wedding. The next day, my boyfriend pointed out to me that I didn't complain once about my feet hurting during the entire wedding reception... which also included lots of dancing. I realized that he was right! I have never worn high heeled shoes for the first time without ending up with blisters or my feet hurting terribly. Thank you for making a product that actually works and is a lifesaver." 

"Hi I just had to write and tell you my little story. I am a 58 year old business woman who has had trouble with her feet since the age 20. I have gone to many foot doctors who have explained that I have a callus and a corn on the ball of each foot. The foot doctors would cut and wrap my foot but when the wraps came off the pain was back and worse. I have spent the last 30+ years suffering with such pain that I was unable to walk in certain shoes. I recently caught a program that had this product on it so I decided to purchase a pair thinking that they were not going to help because nothing has and believe me when I say I have spent a fortune on my feet trying various foot products and shoes. I have made Dr. Scholl's very rich. Anyway, I purchased your product and put them in this beautiful pair of shoes that when I bought them felt fine in the store but walk for about 15 minutes and the pain. Well, I am pleased to say that to my surprise your product works. I am shocked!!!! And pleased beyond words. Words truly can not express how I feel; the ability to wear shoes and walk without pain is... I can't really express it. I just needed to say Thank you." 

"Thank you! By far the best I have ever used! After trying Dr. Scholl's, Foot Petals, and Superfeet I still had strong ball-of-the-foot pain, but after 2 hours on previously "15 minute" heels, I felt better than if I had just worn flats. I will never use anything but Insolia Inserts ever again! Thank you for giving me back all my cute shoes I couldn't wear before!!!" 

"This is the biggest thing to happen to the high heel since Jimmy Choo! I absolutely love this product! Today was the first day I tried my Insolia inserts and I have already sent out a mass email to all of my girlfriends letting them know about this amazing invention! I just placed another order, I don't think I will wear heels without Insolia again!!!" 

"I am 49 years old, and this is the first time in my life I have been able to walk in heels. I only own one other pair, and I never wear them. So I can't tell you specific improvements other than the fact that I have been wearing three inch heels for 2 hours, been up and down 2 flights of stairs, drove the car and did some shopping....and I'm fine. It's amazing to me, never thought I would EVER wear heels!
I'm totally amazed, I just might add high heels to my wardrobe for the first time in my life! And hopefully my co-workers will stop complaining that their feet hurt! I'll be spreading the word!" 

"For thirty years plus, I worked wearing expensive heels that honestly "killed" my feet. While working, I would always cross my legs and let my shoes hang on the tips of foot. Many times after work, I have taken my shoes off and walked barefoot to my car. Sure this ruined my hose, but I did not care. Anything to get "some relief." Never again will I wear heels that pinch and hurt my feet! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SUPERIOR PRODUCT! THANK YOU ALSO FOR MAKING INSOLIA AVAILABLE FOR US ALL!" 

"I gave these away as gifts for Christmas and have gotten amazing feedback - I knew they would love them. I am an ER nurse and have even put these in my clogs - what a difference! My co-workers have all asked for the website as well - quite a hit I must say! Thanks for the FABULOUS product. I now can wear my shoes for style and not how comfortable they may or may not be!" 
P.S. They are worth EVERY PENNY!!

"Insolia insoles have changed my life!!! 

"I've had one pair of heels in my life (57 years) that I could wear all day without pain in the ball of my foot, and I luckily found them for my daughter's wedding. Never thought I'd feel that comfort again until I purchased your inserts. Now all my heels feel like that one special pair. It's amazing how that little bit of plastic can shift all your weight from the ball of the foot. Now I can look for new shoes and know that I can make them work for me. Thanks so much for coming up with this product!" 

"My feet kept telling me that I was wearing lower heels. I wear heels of the same height for the same period of time each work day. The test for the inserts was not the length of time, but rather the length of time it took before I noticed that my feet hurt---that time was definitely longer with the inserts." 

"I feel more able to put weight on the back of my shoes -- i.e. I get my heel back when I'm walking. I did ballet for 10 years when I was growing up, so I am accustomed to walking only on the ball of my foot, and had gotten used to not really putting any of my weight on my heel or even putting the heel of the shoe on the ground. With these, I am now much more trusting of the stability of the heel of the shoe, and walk with my entire foot instead of only the ball of my foot.

Usually the only heels I can wear and still walk with confidence in are platforms; with these I now have my posture back and I'm not trying to compensate for my plantar muscles hurting as the ball of my foot comes down.

I wore these to a Gala Dinner and was standing for the better part of 5 hours. Not only were the shoes more comfortable than I expected, I was still dancing at the end of the evening. Thank you!

A woman's posture is key to how both men and women in the room perceive her strength. This "secret weapon" allows women to remain standing and walking with confidence among their peers for an entire evening event, instead of hiding their feet under the table in pain." 

"I felt my body weight shift to my heels and I'm pain-free! This is the greatest technological advancement the shoe industry has ever seen. I'm sold!" 

"I forget that I am wearing heels at all, no pain or strain. I really did doubt the validity of your claims, but I was wrong. Congratulations! And many thanks." 

"Normally I get pain in my toes and forefoot. With Insolia insoles, no problems at all. I wore them all day, and later all night, including a long walk from the cinema to the car. Never kicked them off, I forgot I was wearing them. I walked an amazing distance, "normally" I would have taken a cab.

I feel more elegant & taller. As soon as my foot is in they make me very happy. I have been walking and even shopping and house hunting on them!!! No pain in toes & forefoot & ball. I am amazed and totally enthusiastic about them!!

Up to now I only wore heels to work & dance parties if really necessary, and then kicked them off ASAP. Now I can wear heels like they are normal shoes!! It was so great to shop for shoes & actually consider buying high heels because now they are not just for parties!!" 

"Much less pain in toes (none actually). No back pain.Over a long period of time shoes were more comfortable. Wore the shoes for a whole evening when half the evening was standing. No pain. Toes more evenly spread in shoe. My feet did not hurt at all. Much more comfortable, felt as if I was walking in flats. Great feeling of comfort and stability on my feet. I put the shoes on again without the inserts and they felt very uncomfortable, and these are, or were, my most comfortable heels. The inserts really made all the difference to comfort and posture and stability in the toes and ankle." 

"The longer you wear Insolia the more you realize how significant the difference is! I want all my shoes to have Insolia insoles." 

"I have noticed that I am able to wear the shoes for longer periods of time, i.e. day one I wore them for 4 hours and by day five I was able to wear them for 7 hours." 

"I instantly noticed less pressure on the ball of my foot. I feel more "stable" in the shoes with the insole. The overall comfort of the shoe was noticeably improved as soon as I put them on. I feel significantly more weight shifted to my heel from the ball of my foot.

My stance was markedly steadier and walking and standing was more comfortable. I was able to wear the shoes for twice the length of time per day and still showed less leg pain. And, I would go places after work that required a lot of walking in my heels which I would often avoid without the Insolia insoles in my shoes.

I wear heels at least 5 days a week every week. In a regular day I will climb at least 5 flights of stairs (up and down), I will walk across campus from my car to my office, and I will attend various appointments at institutions that tend to require significant walking to get from the parking lot to the designated location. Most of my walking is done on hard floors or concrete. Comfort in my shoes is critical. I wear heels because I believe they appear more professional; however, I will not fully sacrifice style for comfort. The shoes I have been wearing with Insolia Inserts have made a dramatic difference on my comfort. I can not only maintain my normal activity but I have actually been doing more with the Insolia Insole shoes such as, going to the mall after work in my heels. In other shoes, I would be heading straight home to take them off." 

"I felt my weight was more evenly distributed over my entire foot. It was much more comfortable. My feet felt so much better - as soon as I put my shoes on! The best secondary feature was that I had a much greater sense of balance. This let me walk more confidently and gracefully.

With most shoes I have worn, I felt most of my weight on my toes, and the rest on my heel. It felt like torture with in the first 10 minutes. With Insolia inserts relief was immediate! I can wear 3 inch heels any time I want for as long as I want. It sounds like a commercial, but it's true, I swear it! Thanks so much for letting me try Insolia inserts!
I want 5 to 10 pairs!" 

"I wore 3 inch heels and the balls of my feet didn't hurt and I could wear them LONGER!! They will certainly help me on stage and elsewhere. Thanks again!" 

"I feel much better and more balanced. Insolia Inserts are great!" 

"Shoes were comfortable - no pain in my feet or back. I am able to stand in conversation without wishing I could sit down. Great product. I have been singing its praises!" 

"I think I experienced less back pain from wearing Insolia Inserts. I feel more comfortable with Insolia Inserts, but I don't really feel the weight shift. I could wear them for an entire day of work without being in pain. I feel much more comfortable and feel as though I can wear my shoes significantly longer then I could without the Insolia Insert. I feel a lot less pain and don't feel like I am in a rush to put on my sneakers. Great product. I would like to put them in all my high heels." 

I can wear my heels MUCH longer and walked significant distance without pain- impossible before Insolia inserts. I usually feel large amounts of pressure at ball of foot immediately when wearing these boots and the effect of Insolia Inserts is significant. Feel like I can walk normally! Always felt like I was hobbling in these boots, but I walked and walked and was standing up straight, not leaning on my hubby because of the pain.

"I felt less pressure at the very end of the day on the ball of my foot. I feel a slight shift back, just enough so there is a difference. The feeling is more that my toes/ball of my foot feels lighter, rather than the weight has shifted- meaning that I do not feel more pressure on my heel. I would recommend them to friends that I know have trouble wearing heels or work in retail." 

"I feel more pressure on my heels rather than on the balls of my feet. It felt better and felt like I was wearing somewhat of a lower heel. Also, my posture was better and I felt like I stood up straighter. Great technology!