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Wear high heels 4x longer without pain.

Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, Vivian Lou Insolia® Classic and Couture weight-shifting insoles are a revolution in design and comfort.

Our weight-shifting technology.

Slim, discreet and invisible in the shoe, our permanent placement insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back to shift your weight to the heel.

This shift in weight:

✔️ Prevents that excruciating burning sensation in your toes and on the ball of your foot.

✔️Stops feet from slipping forward into the shoe.

✔️Improves ankle stability.

✔️Straightens posture.

✔️Significantly reduces strain on knees, back, hips and legs.

Classic (left) and Couture (right) weight-shifting insoles.

Choose your style.

Classic weight-shifting insoles
New to our insoles? Perhaps start with our Classic insole. These award-winning insoles are the first step toward looking and feeling your best in high heels.
Couture weight-shifting insoles 
If you're looking for an insole that shifts the greatest amount of weight off the forefoot and offers the best in balance and comfort technology, you deserve the Couture.

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