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What the heel?!

You’ve seen it in movies.

You’ve seen it in the infamous Mentos commercial.

But does it happen in real life?

Yes, my friends, I can attest to the fact that heels actually DO break off.

It was a typical weekday morning many, many moons ago. I was leaning over my coworker’s desk discussing what was for lunch…or something of similar importance, when...

POP goes the heel-sel.

The heel of my shoe literally snapped off. There I was standing lopsided in the middle of the office. What to do?

Given that I took the bus downtown every morning, I couldn’t just hop in my car and hightail it home or to the nearest shoe store. So I decided if the Mentos lady could break off the other heel and go about her merry way, so could I.

After about an hour of hammering, twisting, and beating, I realized the heel of my other shoe was not coming off. It, unlike its partner, was solid and stable.

So instead of joining my coworkers for lunch that day, I walked – humiliated and humbled – four city blocks to a shoe store to purchase an emergency replacement pair.

Perhaps we should think about building a shoe emergency kit…just in case you find yourself asking “What the heel just happened to my shoe?”

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