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How to stop your feet from slipping forward in high heels.

How to stop your feet from slipping forward in high heels.

It happens. You find the most amazing pair of heels. You try them on. They fit!

But when you wear them out, your heel starts to slip out of the shoe, and you have to clench your toes constantly to stop them from sliding off your feet.

It can happen because your feet are cold. Or your feet are hot (and sweaty). Or you're wearing lotion. Or you're wearing them with tights. Or the shoe has stretched out.

Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating. So how do you keep your feet from slipping out of high heels?

Many suggest heel grips. While they do work, heel grips are designed to take up space in the heel area of the shoe which pushes your foot forward. That's ok for flats, but not for high heels.

Who wants to push their foot forward in a high heel and put even MORE pressure on the forefoot? 

Not me. 

Here are some rather unconventional (but worth a try!) ideas on how to keep your feet from slipping out of high heels.

:: Hairspray. 
It's an amazing and invisible tackifier. Spray it in your shoe and slide your foot in before it dries. Many swear by this method! You can also try a spray-on baseball bat tack.

:: Double-sided tape. 
Celebs like Jessica Alba rely on double-sided tape to stop their heels from slipping off. 

:: Beeswax. 
Great for waterproofing your shoes, beeswax can also be used to stop feet from slipping out of shoes. Simply rub beeswax on the inside of the heel.  

:: Lambs wool. 
Used by ballet dancers to protect their toes in pointe shoes, lambs wool can help take up space in the toe box (or front of the shoe) and 'push' the foot back into the heel. It's best to use loose lambs wool so you can mold it to fit your foot and shoe perfectly.

:: Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles.
Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, these incredible insoles adjust the pitch and position of the foot in high heels to shift weight off the forefoot to the heel. This shift in weight reduces forefoot pain and pressure and stops feet from slipping forward into the shoe.

Here's to happy feet in high heels!


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