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Sun. Sand. Strappy sandals.

Sun. Sand. Strappy sandals.

Did you know there are quite a few benefits of walking in the sand - especially for those of us who love to wear high heels?

Walking barefoot on the beach:

:: Strengthens muscles.
Sand provides resistance, so walking on the beach is a simple, but effective way to strengthen the muscles in our arches, ankles and legs.

:: Improves range of motion.
Walking in sand improves the overall mobility and flexibility of our feet and gives us a wider range of motion.

:: Boosts balance.
Because sand is an uneven surface, we have to be aware of where are feet are stepping without looking at them. This type of exercise teaches our body to react instantly to changing surfaces, which can do wonders for balance, coordination and agility.

:: Increases circulation.
Some claim that the uneven surface of sand stimulates acupressure points on the soles of our feet helping to activate circulation and regulate blood pressure. 

:: Exfoliates.
Sand serves as a natural exfoliant, gently rubbing off dead, unwanted skin resulting in softer, more supple, more attractive skin on the heels and balls of our feet. 

:: Reduces stress.
Health advocates say that the feeling of sand beneath our feet reconnects us with nature and awakens our senses. At the very least, walking barefoot in the sand is relaxing.

Here's to kicking off our strappy sandals and sinking our toes in the sand!

p.s. Although walking barefoot on the beach is amazing, it isn't for everyone. Some doctors may advise against it if you suffer from sore feet, weak ankles or lower back problems.

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