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Vivian Lou who?

Vivian Lou who?

Several people have inquired...

Where does the name Vivian Lou come from?

The explanation is really quite simple.

I wanted to give this company - a company dedicated to helping women look + feel better in high heels - a personality. And I thought the best way to do so was to give it a name.

After much consideration, I decided to name the store after someone who carries herself like the women I want to serve.

She stands tall and shines bright.

She graciously accepts a compliment with a simple thank you.

She has an opinion - and rarely waivers from it.

She is striking in the way she carries herself.

She refuses to be ignored or left behind.

She is an active participant in everything she does.

She is a free spirit but a rule follower when necessary.

She is just the right mix of courage, sass, and determination.

She keeps good company. 

She loves to laugh.

The person who embodies these characteristics + more happens to be my 3-year-old daughter Vivian Louise.

Thankfully, the only high heels she wears today are 1/2 heels when she dresses up as Minnie Mouse or a Disney princess. But watch out world, she can strut her stuff!

Here's to looking + feeling better in high heels!

Happy Shoeing!

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