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Three simple foot exercises using just your foot & a ball.

Three simple foot exercises using just your foot & a ball.

In recognition of one of our most favorite sports, here are 3 super simple exercises that increase foot stamina and alleviate pain using just your foot + a ball.

Let me see your tootises roll.
Foot massage for arch relief + improved ankle flexibility
Grab a tennis ball.
Sit on a chair or stand near a chair for balance.
Place the ball under one foot.
Roll the ball up + down your foot in small circular motions focusing on the arch.
Vary the intensity by adding body weight as needed.
Roll for 1 minute under each foot.

Pump it up.
Heel pump exercise for release of tension
Sit on the bottom step of a set of stairs.
Place a tennis ball under the heel of each foot.
Use your body weight to create resistance by leaning your forearms on your knees.
Pump your heels up and down on the balls.
Pump for 1 to 2 minutes.

Get your flex on.
Toe stretch to reduce foot pain and tightness
Place a tennis ball where the wall meets the floor.
Stand facing the wall.
Keep the heel of your foot on the floor and place the bottoms of the toes on the tennis ball.
Slightly bend your knee.
Lean forward and firmly press your toes into the ball.
Keep pressure on for 1 minute.
Repeat with other foot.

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