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How to beat the squeak.

How to beat the squeak.

Have you ever suffered from a squeaky shoe? 

That really embarrassing, high-pitched noise that radiates from your footwear with every step.

Every. Single. Step.

It happened to me this week. And it was awful!

When I first heard that noise, I thought, Hmmm...something in my bag must be rubbing together.

So I shuffled some items around. But the noise didn't go away. It was definitely a squeaky shoe.

Then I thought, Oh, that poor lady walking behind me.

But the noise didn't stop after she darted into her building. And I quickly realized that dreadful, mortifying noise was coming from me! One of my favorite pairs of heels had started to squeak!

Now there are three kinds of squeaks.

:: The squeak caused by moisture.

This kind of squeak can be addressed at home.

Walk back and forth to determine the location of the squeak in the shoe.

Lift the insole and sprinkle powder on the squeaky area and along the inner seam for good measure. Baby powder, corn starch, or baking powder work well. They will absorb moisture and prevent shoe parts from rubbing together.

If your insoles can't be removed, rub the powder into the edges of the shoe base as best as possible.

You can prevent future moisture-causing squeaks by stuffing your shoes with newspaper after you're done wearing them. The paper will absorb any excess moisture.

:: The squeak caused by air bubbles.

If powder doesn't work, there may be air cushions trapped in the base of the shoe. Massage the insole to remove any air bubbles.

:: The squeak caused by structural problems.

This is the worst kind of squeak because it often requires the attention of a professional shoe repair person.

And at least half of squeaky shoe problems are structural - like a loose shank, sole or heel counter.

A professional may have to disassemble the shoe to determine the cause of the squeak and make any necessary adjustments.

If you don't want to take your shoes to a repair shop, you may try spraying WD-40 on the problem area. People have also had luck rubbing hand lotion on the inside of the shoe. These wouldn't be my first recommendations, but if you're desperate - they're worth a try!

If you do take your shoes to a cobbler, wear the squeaky footwear into the shop so the they are warmed up making it easier for the repairer to detect the source of the squeak.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to beat the squeak? Leave them in the comments below.

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