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Simple shoe storage ideas.

Simple shoe storage ideas.

My family and I are in the midst of moving (which is why I've been a bit more quiet these past few weeks). 

While we are so excited about the move, unpacking has proven to be more of a challenge than anticipated! One of the biggest struggles is how to store my shoes. 

I’ve moved more times than I can count and have tried almost every trick in the book - so I thought I'd quickly review a few shoe storage options.

:: Stacking boxes. 
In the past, I've tried stacking shoe boxes. I've used the actual shoe box (with a picture secured to the outside) and clear plastic shoe boxes. To be honest, I'm not patient (or organized) enough to stack and unstack piles of boxes to get to the shoe I want. Most of my shoes ended up on the closet floor and the empty boxes were tossed aside.

::Traditional shoe rack.
In a wide closet, lining up a fewexpandable shoe racks under my clothes seemed to work well. I was able to keep my shoes neatly organized while not taking up too much space. Unfortunately, my new closet doesn't have enough room for a row of shoe racks.

:: Hanging carousel shoe organizer.
I LOVEthis shoe organizer! If there is hanging space to spare, this invention is amazing! It stores 20+ pairs of shoes and is easy to spin around making it a snap to find just the right pair!

:: Hanging shoe shelf.
I've also triedthis hanging shoe shelf. It works wonderfully for flats, but it's not ideal for heels. 

:: Towel rack or curtain rod.
I love these solutions! I have not tried the towel rack (hereandhere) or curtain rod (here) solutions yet...but I am so in awe of women that come up with these ingenious ideas!

:: Rolling shoe rack.
In our current house, I may just have to use thisrolling rack to store shoes in my tiny office, but what better way to get inspired than by staring at my heels all day! :)

Here’s to smart, inexpensive shoe storage ideas! If you have any suggestions on how to store heels and shoes, let us know in the comments below.

p.s. Regardless of how you store your beloved shoes, remember to try Vivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles. Ideal for any style and type of shoe with a 1 inch heel or higher, Insolia insoles are the only shoe insert scientifically-proven to prevent pain


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