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Why NOT to wear the same pair every day.

Why NOT to wear the same pair every day.

We all have that trusty pair of heels. 

A go-to pair that is just the right height. Fit our feet like a glove. And match almost every outfit.

But we shouldn't just slip on the same pair of shoes day after day.

Here's why.

Our favorite pair of heels needs to recover from a day of wearing.

Throughout the day, shoes absorb perspiration from our feet.

If we don't give our shoes a day to air out, they will warp and lose their shape — not to mention get musty and start to stink.

Waiting a day or two will allow our shoes to dry out and retain their brilliance.

So in case you need another (and very legitimate!) reason to buy more shoes, this is it!

We need at least one or two more go-to pairs of shoes so that our original pair will last much longer. 

That's my kind of math!

Here's to happy, healthy feet in well-maintained heels!

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