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Are high heels out?

Are high heels out?

Are high heels on their way out?

Out of style?

Out of closets?

Out of business?

According to news reports, high heels sales are down for a variety of reasons.

:: Casual wear is becoming more popular.

In fact, women’s sneaker sales rose nearly 37% last year. From red carpets to runways, flat shoes and sneakers have now become fashionable footwear.

:: The economy is turning around.

When facing an economic crisis, consumers purchase 'small' luxury items (beauty products, shoes, accessories) instead of buying big-ticket items. It's a theory known as the lipstick effect. On Friday, the NYT published an article titled, "The Economy is Looking Awfully Strong." Some claim now that the economy is stronger, women will purchase more expensive luxury items. While I don't quite believe women would ever stop buying the shoes they love, it is a possibility.

:: Women are working from home and more fitness-conscious.

According to an LA Times article, high heels sales are downbecause more Americans are working from home, and even among those who do go into the office, fitness trackers such as Fitbit have made people more aware of how much they are — or should be — moving. And women are opting for shoes that allow for better multitasking and comfort.

Despite these reports and the most recent fashion trends, I will always be a huge proponent of high heels.

I truly believe the right pair of heels can change a woman's life... because they did mine.

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Here's to high heels without the hurt!

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