Wear flat shoes without the foot pain.

Read what women are saying.

How they are different.

Expert Engineering
Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, our insoles accommodate the asymmetrical shape of the heel bone for improved comfort in flats.

Invisible Resin
Our clear resin material is impossible to see in any shoe - perfect for open-toe shoes and strappy sandals.

Slim Design
Unlike other insoles, our insoles measure 3 in. long and .5 cm thick. Nothing goes under the forefoot to crowd your toes. Or make the shoes feel tight. Or push your foot out of your shoe.

Precise Fit
Our insoles accommodate shoe sizes 4 to 12. They are not one-size-fits-all. Because neither are shoes. Available in P, S, M and L.

Staying Power
Our patented resin material doesn’t wear down like gel or foam padding. And our insoles are permanently adhered to the shoe so they don’t slip out of place. Use 1 pair of insoles for each pair of heels.

Improved Comfort
Our insoles provide a rocking platform that allows for easy heel rotation while walking and is very slightly elevated on the outer (lateral) side for improved balance while walking on flat surfaces.

Reduced Strain on Plantar Fascia
Our insoles accommodate the soft tissue of the foot for reduced strain and improved comfort.

Less Foot Fatigue
Because our insoles properly support the heel and allow for easy rotation, the walking motion is more natural and comfortable resulting in less foot fatigue.

Pair them with...

Any style and type of shoe with a 1.5 inch (40 mm) heel or less.

Insolia® CRADLE Heel-Cupping Insoles

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Bundles come in single sizes with 1 red folder. Subsequent bundled pairs are not packaged. To purchase more than 1 red folder, select the 1 PAIR option and update the quantity in your cart.

Finally! Flat shoes without the foot pain!

The Insolia® Cradle Heel-Cupping Insole for flat shoes features a patent-pending heel-cupping technology that allows for:

* Less pressure on the heel bone and plantar fascia.
* Reduced foot fatigue.
* Improved balance.

The heel bone is neither flat nor uniformly shaped, yet in most flat shoes, it rests on a flat, uniformly shaped surface resulting in unnatural and unnecessary pressure on the foot.

The Insolia® Cradle Heel-Cupping insole matches the asymmetrical shape of the heel to cushion, balance and align the heel and soft tissue of the foot in the shoe. 

It also offers a rocking platform to aid in rotation for improved comfort while walking.

To appreciate the benefit of our insoles, look at the pressure map above and multiply the decrease in pressure by 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day!

And with our Forever Guarantee, you have nothing to lose ... except that awful foot pain.

Plus, a portion of every sale helps disadvantaged women revitalize their confidence and reclaim their independence. 

Note: Insolia® Cradle Insoles are intended for use in shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist if you have any questions about your specific foot condition and whether Insolia® Insoles are right for you.


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