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Christian LouBOOtin.

Christian LouBOOtin.

Christian Louboutin.

Oh, those iconic red-bottom shoes. 

Known around the world for their style, glamour and sexy design.

They are stunning, beautiful and so incredibly lust-worthy.

But holy smokes, they HURT!

If I'm being honest, Louboutins are perhaps THE most uncomfortable pair of high heels I've ever worn.

So I've lovingly renamed them Christin Lou'BOO'tins. :)

But all is not lost!

For years, women have had tremendous success transitioning their "ouch" to "ahhh" with 
Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles.

But don't take it from me.

Take it from ladies who love their Louboutins!

"I wore my favorite pair of Christian Louboutins yesterday with no discomfort! Amazing!"
~ Kathleen C., April 2, 2018

"I wore 6 inch Louboutin platforms for a night out with dancing. Didn't once take my shoes off. My feet were not red on the bottom when I usually wear them. And they didn't hurt. Will be buying more for my stilettos."
~ Chanell R., April 13, 2018

"Louboutins were the shoe I was waiting to afford. I finally got a pair and they were beautiful, but as Christian Louboutin says, he “designs shoes for style, not comfort.” That is so true. I fondly referred to my Pagelles as my torturers until I tried my Vivian Lou insoles. Thank you so much."
~ Robyne K., March 13, 2018

"Instead of wearing my So Kate Louboutins for only and hour, I can now wear them for 5 hours with the help of the Vivian Lou insoles. Thank you so much for a wonderful creation like walking in sneakers..."
~ Babes M., March 7, 2018

"I wore my first pair in my Louboutins to a party!! I danced the whole night & my feet never bothered me!! I almost forgot I was wearing heels!!! They were amazing!!! Thank you for finally coming up with something that allows us to wear our heels & not be in pain!!!"
~ Maria C., February 28, 2018

And these are just the comments we've received within the last two months! 

If Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles can make Louboutins more lovable, imagine what they can do for your less tortuous pairs of heels. 

Our Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles ever-so-slightly adjust the pitch and position of your foot in high heels to shift weight off the forefoot and stop the feet from slipping forward in the shoe. ​
Try some today!

Here's to high heels without the hurt!

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