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Healing power of helichrysum.

Healing power of helichrysum.

You may be asking, Heli...what?

But you'll want to give Helichrysum a try after reading about it's amazing benefits.


Referred to by some as the Everlasting or Immortal Flower, Helichrysum italicum is a flowering plant native to the rocky and sandy terrains throughout the Mediterranean (Italy, France, Croatia, Slovenia). 

And while this plant's yellow flowers may be small, their healing power is quite substantial.

The essential oil created by steam distilling the delicate blossoms contains high levels of neryl acetate and other components that stimulate cellular regeneration.

Because of these properties alone (and it's ability to boost the skin's natural collagen count), Helichrysum essential oil is used in countless cosmetic skin care formulations.

But it is also known to reduce inflammation, remove unwanted toxins, prevent bruising and blood clots, relax tight muscles and connective tissue...

And reduce pain.
Yes, this amazing essential oil is used to ease muscle cramps and alleviate pain associated with neuropathy. And pain relief happens almost instantly. Amazing!

A perfect way to soothe sore feet after a long day in high heels!

Here are few ways to use it.

:: Neat.
You can apply Helichrysum oil 'neat', or directly from the bottle at 100% strength, which ensures the oil is delivered to the area of pain as quickly as possible.

:: Diluted.
Or you can dilute it in a carrier oil - like Jojoba or Olive oil, which helps extend the oil (which is very expensive!) and can help improve its effects over a larger area (say, your legs or lower back).

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Here’s to happy, healthy feet in high heels!

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