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Hot. Cold. High heels.

Hot. Cold. High heels.

This weather...

Some days are absolutely gorgeous - sun shining and birds chirping.

Other days are so dang cold that I have to walk the dog in my coat and winter hat!

While this hot and cold nonsense definitely puts a damper on which shoes I wear, combining both hot and cold can be a perfect solution for sore, tired and overworked feet.  

It's a treatment called contrast bath therapy.

The theory behind contrast bath therapy, or hot/cold immersion therapy, is that warm water increases blood flow to an area and cold water increases blood circulation.

By alternating hot and cold, lymph vessels dilate and contract to essentially "pump" and move stagnant fluid out of the area, which reduces inflammation, alleviates pain and promotes healing.

Neat, huh?

Here's how to do this at home!

:: Fill a tub or bucket with hot water between 105-110 degrees F. This temperature is slightly hotter than the average hot tub. Do not exceed 120 degrees.

:: Fill another tub or bucket with cold water at 45 degrees F. 

:: Immerse your feet in the hot water for 3 minutes. 

:: After 3 minutes, immerse your feet in the cold foot bath for 30 seconds. 

:: Repeat three times. (3x-hot/3x-cold). 

:: Dry feet thoroughly and rest for at least 30 minutes.  

While contrast bath therapy is a great to soothe sore feet, one of the best ways to prevent swollen, tired, aching feet in high heels is with Vivian Lou Insolia Classic weight-shifting insoles

Remember to adhere these amazing insoles to any shoe with a 2 inch heel or higher and wear your shoes 4x longer without pain or inflammation!

Here’s to happy, healthy feet in high heels!


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