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Wear heels pain free. All day.

Wear heels pain free. All day.

Wearing high heels is wonderful!

I love how they empower us to feel vibrant, confident and courageous.

And I truly believe the right pair of heels can change your perspective on everything.

But let's be honest, high heels hurt.

And wearing them all day can sometimes be a challenge.

But not any longer!

For years, women have had tremendous success transitioning their "ouch" to "ahhh" with Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles.

These slim, discreet and invisible insoles ever-so-slightly shift weight off the forefoot to the heel allowing women to wear high heels 4x longer without pain.

But don't take it from me. 

Take it from fellow high heel enthusiasts.

"I can wear heels again!I love shoes but as I have gotten older I have a lot of pain when I wear heels. With your insoles, I can go all day pain free. Wow I’m so happy!" ~ Lynn A.

"These insoles make such a difference in how long I can wear my heels. I have gone from an hour or two to wearing my heels all day." ~  Sharon H.

"I usually can’t wear heels for more than a half hour. With these insole no pain all day. I forgot I had heels on. Best thing to happen to my feet." ~ Charlene T.

"I can finally wear my favorite shoes. You don't understand how excited I am to be able to wear these all day without the balls of my feet hurting." ~ Kay U.

"Thank you Vivian Lou for creating these amazing insoles! I work in corporate so I'm in heels all day and have no time for slowing down. Now, I have a skip in my step!" ~ Rosemary P.

These are just a few of the reviews we've received in the last month alone!

With Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles, you will feel as amazing as you look. All day, every day!



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