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Successfully speak on stage in stilettos.

Successfully speak on stage in stilettos.

While I don't speak on stages for a living (thank goodness...as I have a bit of stage fright!), I have given talks on occasion.

And I appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing for speeches and events.

The planning. The practice. And the potential pain...

...especially when it comes to high heels.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love high heels. They empower us to feel vibrant, confident and courageous.

But if I'm being honest, they also hurt.

Don't fret. All is not lost!

For years, women have had tremendous success transitioning their "ouch" to "ahhh" with Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles.

These slim, discreet and invisible insoles ever-so-slightly shift weight off the forefoot to the heel allowing women to wear high heels 4x longer without pain.

But don't take it from me.

Take it from your fellow speakers and presenters!

"Wore these to stand on stage for three days straight in my most uncomfortable Louboutins. When you put them in you won't feel an immediate shift, it's minor. But once I started walking I couldn't believe I wasn't in pain. Now listen, they don't change 4 inch stilettos into flip flops but I've tried every type of pad, insert, spray, gadget and even paid a place $200 per pair to re-do my insoles and nothing worked. These things are legit. It doesn't even make sense to me. They just kinda look like a lot of other things on the market, but trust me THEY ARE LEGIT. They work. I typically finish day one of one of my seminars and soak my painful feet in ice for hours and pay the price for days after an event. This year, I bought a pair of these insoles for every pair of heels I wore. The investment paid me back dividends. It was priceless to "stand and deliver" without pain!! I actually went out and danced on the 2nd night in HEELS and it was no problem. I'm telling you - they work! Now be realistic. The most uncomfortable shoes are not going to feel like clouds, but 100% you will be able to tolerate pain free your most uncomfortable high heels!"

~ Chalene J.

"I have many leg/knee/ankle injuries from a car accident in high school. I also am in sales and relish in wearing heels on a very regular basis and sometimes for 12+ hours at a time. While (for better or for worse) I have conditioned my feet to wearing heels but once I get past a certain point, the pain sets in. I was absolutely AMAZED at the pressure that was instantly taken off my knees and balls of my feet with the insoles! The first day wearing them I stood for 2 hours giving a presentation in my favorite heels with my new insoles and would normally be dying - my feet were ready to go for the rest of the day and night! I am so glad to have finally found something that will prolong my wearing of heels but takes care of my many joint issues. Worth every single penny!"

~  Sagan S.

"I felt like there was immediate comfort improvement and some expanded time when my feet were more comfortable. At the end of 4 hours on stage, my feet  hurt less severely and stayed comfortable far longer. Will buy more for additional heels."

~ Jennifer B.

If Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles can help these amazing women, imagine how they can help you!

Try some today!

Here's to high heels without the hurt and successfully speaking on stage in stilettos!


Abby Walker
CEO, Vivian Lou


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