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Wear your wedding shoes without wincing.

Wear your wedding shoes without wincing.

You found the man of your dreams. 

He asked you to marry him. 

You said YES!

You’ve set the date. Booked the venue. Picked the colors. And bought the dress.

You’ve finalized the menu. Selected your flowers. Sent the invitations. And planned your honeymoon.

Your big day will be amazing + memorable in so many ways!

And it is our mission to help you look and feel amazing on your big day.

Spend your time smiling at your new husband, cheerfully greeting guests, and dancing with your girlfriends. Not cursing your shoes and suffering through foot pain.

Oh, foot pain.

It is the one item brides (and bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and guests) often overlook.

But we have you covered.

Introducing Vivian Lou Insolia® weight-shifting insoles.

A revolution in design, function and comfort, Insolia® is the ONLY insole scientifically-proven to PREVENT foot pain caused by shoes.

Ideal for all styles and types of shoes with a 2 inch heel or higher. 

* Adjusts the pitch of feet in shoes. 
* Shifts weight off the ball of the foot. 
* Stops feet from slipping forward. 
* Improves ankle stability. 
* Decreases strain on legs, back, hips + knees.

Wear the shoes you love 4x longer without pain.

But don't take it from us.

Take it from fellow brides. 

"I have 4-inch heels that I'm wearing for my wedding day. Upon insertion, the pressure points already felt better. I've actually been able to wear them for several hours successfully! Thank you!" ~ Lisa R.

"Was able to withstand 4" heels at my wedding, including the dinner afterwards. Amazing considering I wear no more than a 1" heel most of the time!" ~ Andrea M.

"As promised, I was able to dance and run around at my wedding for 5+ hours without any discomfort!" ~ Patty B.

"I was skeptical, but since I bought my wedding shoes for $10, I could justify spending the money on the couture insoles. I tell you, worth every penny!!! I have bunions and wide feet. I put the insoles into my wedding shoes and wore them around the house for three hours. No foot pain, no fatigue, no throbbing or swelling when I took my shoes off!" ~ Natalie S.

"I bought two pairs to try on my most uncomfortable shoes (which were going to be used for my wedding!), and I’ve been able to practice my first dance in them now! I’m fully converted and now I’m purchasing more for more heels!" ~  Tamara A.

And these are just a few of the comments we've received!

With Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles, you will feel as amazing as you look on your wedding day!



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