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Why it's important to vary the height of your high heels.

Why it's important to vary the height of your high heels.

Celebrated London podiatrist Margaret Dabbs was recently asked by Marie Claire how women who frequently wear high heels can keep their feet in tip top shape.

She suggested that women who regularly wear high heels switch up the heel heights to give their feet a break from the previous shape. 

According to Dabbs, the foot’s arch molds itself to whatever shape it's in most frequently. 

She says wearing heels of varying heights will keep our arches supple and our feet fit.

Podiatrist Emily Splichal agrees. She also suggests that women who wear high heels frequently switch up the heel height.

She explains that no two pairs of shoes are manufactured exactly the same or worn the same way. So each pair of shoes has its own unique pressure points on our feet which, if worn two days in row, will begin to cause pain and discomfort.

Sounds like the perfect (and doctor-recommended) excuse to purchase more shoes! :)

To make your heels of varying heights even more comfortable, consider adding Vivian Lou Insolia weight-shifting insoles

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Here's to high heels without the hurt!

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