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Classic vs. Couture

Our permanent placement insoles are a revolution in design and comfort. And unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

So what's the difference between our CLASSIC and COUTURE insoles?

In summary, our COUTURE insole offers the same great benefits as our CLASSIC insole, but...

✔️Is designed for the left and right shoes (for a more precise fit)

✔️Shifts 10% more weight (for even less pressure on the forefoot)

✔️Reduces heel pressure (for fewer 'hot spots' on the heel)

✔️Aligns the body's center of pressure between the 1st and 2nd toes (for better balance and ankle support).

This is Vivian Lou.

Vivian Lou Insolia® CLASSIC Weight-Shifting Insoles

Vivian Lou Insolia® CLASSIC Weight-Shifting Insoles $ 29.00

Vivian Lou Insolia Couture weight-shifting insoles for high heels

Vivian Lou Insolia® COUTURE Weight-Shifting Insoles $ 49.00

Look + feel better in the shoes you love.

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