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About Vivian Lou


I'm Abby Walker.
I love the color red,
laugh a bit too loud,
devour all things chocolate;
and believe a great pair of shoes can change your perspective on everything.

I am also the CEO of Vivian Lou and author of Strap on a Pair.

My love for shoes began when I was living in Chicago, two years out of college, insecure about my professional credentials and low on cash. I worked with women who had gorgeous hair, gorgeous bags, gorgeous clothes and gorgeous jewelry. To say I felt inept is an understatement.

I struggled to find my niche in a world of confident, accomplished, beautiful women. Then I found an amazing pair of black and white polka-dotted heels. They were affordable, yet distinct, and set me apart from others in the office. I was instantly hooked on heels.

My love for shoes blossomed, and I continued to push the edge as to what I could (or should) wear to work while pursuing a growing communications career. The more distinct the shoe, the greater my courage— at work and in my personal life.

After 15 years in Corporate America and many pairs of high heels later, I finally found the courage to start my own business. Learn more about my entrepreneurial journey here.

See, I believe the right pair of shoes can change your perspective on everything! Read more about what I believe here. And I'm honored to offer a line of products that help women focus more on their dreams and less on their feet. 

Strap On a Pair is my raw and humorous account of chance encounters that led me to launch Vivian Lou; trample internal demons; find joyful balance as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur; and ultimately, hit my stride with the help of numerous allies who showed up along the way. I wrote this book to inspire others to take the first step — or the next step — toward finding their something more.

In support of our mission, we proudly donate a portion of every sale to organizations helping disadvantaged women revitalize their confidence and reclaim their independence.  Read more about our partner organizations here.

Here's to focusing more on our dreams and less on our foot pain.

I look forward to hearing your stories of reduced pain, improved balance, straighter posture and increased courage!

Thank you for visiting!

Abby Walker
Founder, Vivian Lou



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