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SPORT Insoles for Athletic and Athleisure Shoes

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BRAND NEW! Scientifically Superior Insoles.

Developed by a podiatrist.
Engineered by a rocket scientist.
Featuring our FLEX® and HEEL-CUPPING technologies.
Experience the difference.

Our scientifically-superior insole features two technologies - our FLEX® and HEEL-CUPPING technologies. Combined, these technologies improve the biomechanics of the shoe allowing for optimal foot flexing and proper support of the foot. This results in a more natural walking motion, less foot fatigue and significantly more comfort.

    They work wonders for those who suffer from sore feet in flat shoes or plantar fasciitis!

      Why athletic shoes typically hurt.

      More often than not, wearing flat, unsupportive shoes or shoes that do not match the shape of our foot can cause foot pain and lead to long–term damage to our feet, back, knees and hips. 

      See, a woman's foot is neither flat nor uniformly shaped. Yet oftentimes, our irregular-shaped foot rests on a uniformly shaped surface or on one that does not match the shape of our bones.

      Our foot is neither flat, nor uniformly shaped.

      This mismatch in shape results in unnatural and undue pressure on the ball of the foot, the heel bone and the soft tissue of the foot (including the plantar fascia).

      This increase in pressure can:
      * Cause heel pain;
      * Aggravate plantar fasciitis;
      * Lead to knee, leg and lower back pain;
      * Induce foot fatigue; and
      * Trigger biomechanical issues and poor posture.

      The image above is a screen capture from a MoCAP motion study comparing the biomechanical effects with and without the FLEX® and HEEL-CUPPING technologies.

      Patented forefoot flexing technology.

      Our FLEX technology dramatically improves foot flexion and efficiency with a precisely-engineered asymmetrical depression in the front of the foot bed. This depression allows the ball of foot - the foot’s pivot point - to flex naturally eliminating the need to over-grip the shoe while moving. It also allows the foot to push off efficiently and lift the body while moving forward. This movement increases the efficiency of movement so much so that testing has shown to reduce oxygen demand and improve stride length. It also allows the arch to naturally rise on its own creating dynamic natural arch support. 

      The multiple benefits of our FLEX® technology.

      Patented heel-cupping technology.

      Our CRADLE HEEL-CUPPING technology (Fig 2) is derived from careful analysis of the heel bone. It features a subtle contour in the insole footbed that matches the irregular shape of the heel bone providing an immediate sensation of comfort. It also features an asymmetric forward edge that relieves pressure on the plantar fascia, and is slightly elevated on the outer (lateral) edge for improved balance.

      Placement of our FLEX and HEEL-CUPPING technologies in the SPORT insole.

      Significantly more comfort.

      After stepping onto our SPORT insole, you may experience an instantaneous relief of heel pressure and foot discomfort. Or you may experience a more subtle change, but will now wear your shoes longer without pain or strain.

      To appreciate the benefit of these insoles, multiply the decrease in pressure (see pressure map above, foot on right) by 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day.

      Satisfaction guaranteed.

      With our Forever pain-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose ... except that awful foot pain.

      Plus, a portion of every sale helps disadvantaged women revitalize their confidence and reclaim their independence. 

      Easy to install.

      : Insolia® SPORT Insoles are intended for use in shoes solely to make them more comfortable. They are not intended to treat medical conditions of the feet, nor should they be a substitute for custom foot orthotics. Consult your podiatrist if you have any questions about your specific foot condition and whether Insolia® Insoles are right for you.

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